A support system many layers deep

Carthage utilizes a holistic advising model designed to meet each undergraduate student where the... At Carthage, students don’t have just one advisor. All undergraduate students have an advising team to ensure they make the most of their college experience.

This holistic advising model is designed to meet each student where they are on their college journey, and to provide guidance and mentorship along the way.

As a Carthage undergraduate student, you will be assigned a First-Year Registration Specialist and Faculty Advisor, a Career Specialist, and a Student Success Advisor. These professionals work with you to plan your coursework, create short- and long-term academic and career goals, and discuss co-curricular and extracurricular engagement.

Students can also take advantage of additional on-campus support services including learning accessibility services, free tutoring and writing help, and peer coaches. 

Prof. Art Cyr advising a student.

Academic Advising

Academic advisors assist Carthage students in planning their undergraduate coursework. First-year students work with a Registration Specialist to select courses for their first semester. Starting in the second semester, students who have declared a major are assigned a Faculty Advisor. This faculty advisor guides them in course registration and degree planning moving forward.

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A recruiter speaks to Carthage students during a Pre-Health Fair. The Aspire Network provides Car...

Career Advising

All Carthage students can receive career advising from their first days on campus. Students are assigned a Career Specialist through The Aspire Program, Carthage’s comprehensive four-year career development program. Career Specialists primarily guide students in preparing for their future personal and professional life through reflection on their strengths and interests and exposure to experiential learning opportunities.

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Students sitting in the Center for Student Success.

Student Success Advising

All new students at Carthage are matched with a Student Success Advisor before their first semester as a part of their initial course registration process. These advisors are full-time advising and student success professionals who will facilitate your successful entry and transition to Carthage, serve as cultural navigators as you move toward your degree, and support you during periods of academic and personal challenge.



Additional Academic Resources



  • Peer Coaches. All incoming Carthage students are assigned a Peer Coach during their first semester. This older student can share tips on navigating your time at Carthage, and provide an early personal connection.

  • Residence Hall Staff. Do you plan to live on campus? Every residence hall has a hall director, and every floor has a Resident Advisor (RA), who are always just a door knock or call away.

  • Health & Counseling Center. The Carthage Health & Counseling Center is staffed with experienced professionals who can help you maintain physical, mental, and emotional health.

  • Campus Pastor. Any student, regardless of beliefs, can receive pastoral care from our campus pastor.

  • Engagement and Inclusion Center. Carthage’s new Engagement and Inclusion Center is both a gathering place and a home base for the College’s Equity & Inclusion staff.

  • Title IX Coordinator. Carthage is committed to an environment free of gender-based discrimination and sexual violence. Carthage’s Title IX Coordinator provides information, guidance, and other resources to address sexual violence and gender discrimination. 

  • Additional Support. Students can face many different types of challenges during college. Carthage is committed to helping students achieve their goals, personal and professional. Carthage provides support for students who may have distinct needs, including commuters, international students, undecided students, students of color, differently abled students, student-athletes, undocumented students, veterans, and LGBTQ+. Contact the Center for Student Success for more information.